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First Birthday Pictures

First Birthday picture sessions are fun and MESSY. Somehow messy makes them cooler. And since YOU don't have to clean up the mess that should make it even better.   Make a photography consultation appointment

We start off with "normal" photography, children in dresses, rompers or overalls. Pictures of them just learning to walk, or with their family or siblings.  This part of the session is typically 30-45 minutes.  Then we move on to CAKE. A cake smash portrait session is just that - pictures of cake going, well, everywhere. 

They are only 1 once!

The set was just so amazing - perfect for the twins
— Shannon H, Albany Oregon
smash cake photos

You should probably bring three outfits for your little one so they have something to go home in. (You need an extra outfit too, even if you aren't PLANNING on being in the pictures; there's no promise your child won't cover you in cake)

Cake Smash Pictures

Thank you for making this day magical
— Siera, Salem

Cake Smash pictures are a great finale to first birthday portraits. First birthday pictures usually start with relaxed images of the birthday baby, sometimes with their family, sometimes with a trusted stuffed animal, or favorite wooden toy.  More First Birthday Pictures

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First Birthday Cake Smash portraits are so much fun!

More examples of little kids covered in cake i.e. First Birthday Pictures
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