I’m a daddy’s girl through and through.

I may have always been this way.

And I am not unaware that although my dad is still a rockstar at 68 - he’s 68. My grandfather, his father, died early - just six months after I was born.  

Dad, my cousin Autumn and I, eleven months

Dad, my cousin Autumn and I, eleven months


We are not guaranteed anything. And we are certainly not guaranteed more time.

Last month we photographed a high school senior, the second one we've done for their family. Her dad rode his Harley in to use.  They rode together frequently when she was little.

That was Monday.  

He passed away Wednesday.  

Without warning.

Daniel had taken 10 minutes to create a couple of portraits with her and her dad.  Her dad put out the effort to bring his Harley - we valued that.

Thursday morning we got the call from a mutual friend.  

I cannot tell you how glad we are to have those portraits for their family.

Dad and I, Janurary 1978

Dad and I, Janurary 1978


Tell your loved ones how you feel.
Take care of your health.
Make family portraits a priority.
Spend time creating memories.
Live in the moment.

We all say these things - most of us aren’t doing them as well as we should be.

We could all try a little harder.


Daniel Troutman
Albany, OR
Daniel Troutman, an internationally published photographer, started his career in 1999. He began as a staff travel photographer, and now runs a retail studio in Albany, Oregon. His images have been published by some of the largest agencies in the world, including Newsweek, VH1 Music Television, The Food Network and Best Western Hotels.