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Crescent Valley High School

Senior Pictures in Corvallis

Senior Pictures in Corvallis

We chose to photograph Cole's baseball images first because he wanted a strong gritty look and I knew that to do it right we were going to have to use studio strobes lighting.  Studio strobes are the greatest asset a photographer has (next to his/her brain of course).  With studio strobes you can basically change and override any natural light situation giving you maximum flexibility and creative control.  Cole's a pitcher so we sent him to the mound and began setting up two lights around him.

Daniel Troutman
Albany, OR
Daniel Troutman, an internationally published photographer, started his career in 1999. He began as a staff travel photographer, and now runs a retail studio in Albany, Oregon. His images have been published by some of the largest agencies in the world, including Newsweek, VH1 Music Television, The Food Network and Best Western Hotels.