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Hello and Welcome

Troutman Photography is a full service portrait studio located in the chic historic downtown district of Albany Oregon.  Our studio specializes in creating stunning artwork featuring families, babies, children and high school seniors.  Troutman Photography offers both in-studio portraits as well as on location photography (including worldwide destinations). We’d  like to thank you for taking the time to explore our website. When you’d like to see more call to set up a private tour of our studio.

Thanks and enjoy the images,
Daniel & Clare Troutman
222 W 1st Ave, Ste 250
Albany OR 97321

Your senior year in high school is your breakthrough year, your stepping stone to greatness. It is a celebration of who you have become, where you are going, and the start of a whole new chapter in your life.

This is the time to celebrate and set these memories in stone. We want each of our students to have unique pictures, specialized to only you, individualized and to capture your story. We encourage you to bring your whole self - we don’t want to show off just one facet of you - we want to capture it all, for you.


Baby Pictures

Baby Pictures

First Birthday Portraits

We love baby pictures and baby photography!  Check out these fun First Birthday Smash Cake (cake gets ALL over the place).  For most families these start like a normal family portrait session and end messy and fun.  Have additional children?  That's fine, bring them for the first portraits, and then they can stay and watch the fun (or have grandma whisk them away if they're too young to hang out and enjoy the fun.)

Children & Baby Pictures

Troutman Photography takes the time and effort to get to know your child.  We want them to have a good time. We're happy to take the extra couple of minutes so they'll want to come back.  Please bring your children to our complementary planning sessions.  They will be so much happier the day of the shoot if they've already met us and feel comfortable.  Feel free to bring a favored stuffed animal too.

Boudoir Pictures

Be Beautiful. Be Sexy. Be You.

Most women have considered boudoir photography, but what we hear most often is “I should have done this years ago.” In fact, it’s fairly frequent to see our customers again a couple of years later.

We shoot as a husband/wife team, which can make our clients more comfortable, and we do reveal sessions as a surprise, or just wrap up the album for delivery later.

Hair and makeup is included, and the most commonly purchased items are leather bound albums, canvases and metal prints.

The best part? The variety of images, oh, and my husband’s face when he realized what I’d done!
— Cindy N., Salem

When is a good time for Family Pictures?

It's traditional to create family portraits at times of change. Families and the people in them are constantly changing and a family portrait serves as the ultimate pause button.  New babies, birthdays, graduations, new homes... all of these are perfect reasons for a family portrait.    Let’s face it -memories fade but a family portrait will preserve your family the way it is right now... forever.  Stop putting off your family portrait and schedule your appointment today.

Family portraits become significantly harder to organize once the kids have grown and gone.  Make sure to take advantage of our free family portrait sessions included in our Senior Pictures.