Smash Cake Birthday Celebration

There is no better day at the office than Cake Smash Day!  What's not to love?? I get to take pictures of a cute baby completely obliterating a poor, unsuspecting dessert item.  Now when you want to send a birthday cake to smushville you need to call in a specialist.  Today's specialist in all things smashy is none other that the bruiser of buttercream, the punisher of pastries, the commander of cake clobbering, Mr. Hank the Tank!

Mom and birthday boy

Our session started innocently enough with family portraits of Mr. Hank and his family.  All the while the oblivious first birthday cake stood silently by watching unaware that danger was lurking!  Hank took turns having his photo taken while snuggling with Mom and goofing around with Dad.  This was all part of Hank's masterplan.  Hank was lulling the frosting covered, gluten goblin into a false sense of security simply waiting for his time to strike!  

First birthday baby boy

We set the stage for Hank and his devious plan of cake domination in the Flinn Block Hall.  Thanks to our exclusive agreement with owners of the hall we have a gorgeous location to shoot our first birthday sessions in.  The Flinn Block Hall has the most beautiful light streaming in from a huge bank of vintage glass windows.  The windows light up the exposed brick walls and reclaimed vintage hardwood floors making it a perfect setting for any first birthday smash cake session.  Regardless of the weather the Flinn Block hall allows us to create custom sets designed around your favorite colors while still maintain the natural light look you'd get from being outside.  You get the natural look with the safety of photographing your little one indoors not to mention bathrooms and air conditioning.  Like I said, it's the perfect stage for our friend Hank to unfurl his diabolical plans of furiously fighting his frosting covered nemesis.

birthday smash cake

Mr. Hank's Video Debut

Hank didn't disappoint.  When the time was right he snuck up on his foe from behind, striking with the speed and accuracy of a cheetah.  The battle was swift and the punishment handed down by Hank the Tank was the stuff of legends.  In the end all that remained was a frosting smeared cake stand and several stunned witness who will no doubt recount the events of that day to serve as a warning to generations of birthday cakes yet to come.  One year olds now have an ally in the battle of Baby VS. Cake.  An ally with the tools and no-how to help babies smash, smush and crush their birthday cakes without mercy.  That ally is Troutman Photography and with the help of all the one year olds in the Willamette valley Troutman Photography is openly declaring war on birthday cakes!

Boy smash cake pictures

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Daniel Troutman
Albany, OR
Daniel Troutman, an internationally published photographer, started his career in 1999. He began as a staff travel photographer, and now runs a retail studio in Albany, Oregon. His images have been published by some of the largest agencies in the world, including Newsweek, VH1 Music Television, The Food Network and Best Western Hotels.