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One of the questions I get all the time at business functions, art shows and just about anywhere is “I’m from out of town.  How do I find a REAL photographer in my market?”  Fortunately for me the answer to that question is simple.  

If you live in Oregon jump on the Oregon Professional Photographers Association's website at  There you'll find a listing of professional photographers from all over the state that are committed to continuing their pursuit of photographic excellence.  The Oregon Professional Photographers Association is home to not only some of Oregon's best photographers but some of the best photographers in the country.  Simply grab a handful of names from OPPA’s list and Google them, you’ll see what I mean.  The OPPA members are constantly engaging in photography competitions, photography training and even business training in order to reach the highest levels in our industry and stay there.  Simply put, is the best place to find the professional photographers that other professional photographers recommend.

If you’re not from Oregon, never fear.  The OPPA is an affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America.  Log onto and there you'll find Professional Photographers listed by state.  Just like the OPPA site, on the PPA site you’ll find photographers that are committed to continuing education and elevating the photography industry as a whole.

So there you have it.  If you can’t use my services please do yourself a favor and choose a professional  photographer from the lists on these websites - For Oregon - Nationwide


Daniel Troutman
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Daniel Troutman
Albany, OR
Daniel Troutman, an internationally published photographer, started his career in 1999. He began as a staff travel photographer, and now runs a retail studio in Albany, Oregon. His images have been published by some of the largest agencies in the world, including Newsweek, VH1 Music Television, The Food Network and Best Western Hotels.