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Life is pretty amazing.  I'm always intrigued by how awareness changes everything. When I learn a new word or a new song- I hear it everywhere.  Lately, I've been having the same experience with all the new people we've met at our studio. A new client, we haven't even shot her family portraits yet; I've since met her at a Lebanon Chamber Greeters event, at the coffee shop downstairs, and today I found out she spent the weekend with a mutual friend.  It's crazy.  Here's the crazier one.  Last week we had a brand new client, Mark, come in on Wednesday.  We scrambled to tun his pictures around before we left for vacation - so he had his headshot on Monday.  He lives in Corvallis. We vacationed in Crooked River Ranch.  On Friday we hiked Smith Rock - and ran into Mark, and his family, 140 miles away from home.  How crazy is that?

Daniel has been encouraging me to consider moving to Albany.  I'm quite happy with my little burg, I love my neighbors, I love the teachers at my kids' schools, but maybe, just maybe,  I need to be more open to moving. After all, I meet new people everywhere I go.  Maybe it's time to expand my horizons.  I'll keep you appraised.

- Clare

Daniel Troutman
Albany, OR
Daniel Troutman, an internationally published photographer, started his career in 1999. He began as a staff travel photographer, and now runs a retail studio in Albany, Oregon. His images have been published by some of the largest agencies in the world, including Newsweek, VH1 Music Television, The Food Network and Best Western Hotels.