Dear Mr. and Mrs Troutman,

    Thank you  for the opportunity to participate in My Career observation. I had a great time learning the different things and skills about photography. The things that I learned in the That I learned in the photography is the way that you are supposed to dress up in certain occasions I also learned that you go to school for business. Thank you again for your willingness to help answer My questions about the career of photography.v

Sincerely, Rudy mantissino.

Our annual College and career day on October 19th was a resounding success due to wonderful volunteers like you! Thank you so much for volunteering to present on your career an industry that afternoon. It went very smoothly and we heard many positive comments from our students after it was all over; a few written comments about your presentation in particular are included with this letter students have come to enjoy this annual event and your participation really does make a difference in their perspective regarding life after high school. We do hope the experience was just as positive for you. It truly takes a village to raise a child and, when volunteers step forward as you did on the 19th, all of sweet home benefits. Taking time away from your job, staff and projects is very much appreciated.

Thank you again for your time and energy!


Sincerely, Sweet home high School


The Couple from Professional photography, I honestly think they do the best on explaining what and how the job takes place in one's life.
Daniel and Claire were my favorite because their use of photography is creative and looks fun to actually do.
The photographer did a very good job of letting us know what his job was like and everything that came with it.
The photographers because they were showing their work as they talked about it and they did a good job talking.
I really enjoyed the photographers because I’m interested in photography.
I liked the one who did professional photography since they gave me a good idea on how photography business works.
I liked the one who did professional photography since they gave me a good idea on how photography business works.
We did it! The 2016 NWAAF has come and gone and we couldnt have done it without you. Over 55,000 people attend and enjoyed the festival! Thank you for your hard work and time.
— Lynne smith

From all of us at safe Haven Humane Society, thank you for getting in the game with your generous donation on 09/25/2015. Of one free portrait session, 20x24 print plus 20% off of additional services for our auction at our gala fundraising event Tails at twilight, on Oct. 3 2015 We greatly appreciate your generosity- we couldn’t do this without you!